Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner Version 2.5.3784 Free

Find out the device details connected to your network by scanning their IP address

Scanning the IP address of the device is one the most reliable ways to identify if the device is present in your network or not and this is what Advanced IP Scanner does exactly. This tool can be downloaded from the internet for free and once installed; it will automatically start scanning the network in which your PC is connected to and throw up the IP scan results. For advanced network administrators, this tool can act as a standalone application for running IP scans.

Advanced IP Scanner works well with both Wi-Fi and LAN networks and offers accurate results every single time. Apart from scanning, you can use this program to remotely control computers connected to your network. For example, you can wake or shut down computers provided that they have network cards which are compatible with the standard called WOL (Wake-on-LAN). Plus, users can go ahead and create a favorites list where they can list the IP addresses of their favorite devices and use that list alone to run IP scans every time. This program can work with the latest edition of Windows OS and there is 3 minute tutorial which explains all the important features of this program for easy understanding.
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